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Porto is such a beautiful and colourful city. There’s so many beautiful places to take pictures, there’s my top favorites Insta spots and the best time to go there.

Capela das Almas

One of the most beautiful and famous church in Porto. You can’t miss this Insta spot! Don’t go there too early in the morning, there’s a mall next to the church with a subway station so you’ll see a lot of people going to work in the morning.

📍Rua de Santa Catarina 428

🕐 10am – 11am

Church of Saint Ildefonso

Portugal has churches at every corner, so on the same street at Capelas de Almas, you’ll find this other beautiful church with gorgeous blue tiles. I went there around 11am and there was a few people coming in and out of the church but managed to find a short period of time without people.

📍Rua de Santo Ildefonso 47

🕐 9am-10am

Lello Library

The Lello Library is one of the most visited places in Porto. The library inspired J.K Rowling when she was writing Harry Potter, so it’s a must stop for every fan of books, architecture and Harry Potter. The staircase of Lello is absolutely gorgeous with the red and the wood, which makes it a perfect insta spot. But the place can be very crowded all day long so come early if you want a picture.

📍Rua das Carmelitas 144

🕐 9am for the opening

Igreja dos Carmelitas Descalços

One of the most beautiful church of Porto and this one is clearly my favorite insta spot. The tiles on the church are just pure art, and there’s not a lot of passage in the street so it’s pretty easy to take pictures.

📍Rua do Carmo 6-12

🕐 11am – 4pm

São Bento train station

This train station has just one of the most beautiful decoration. I won’t recommend going there on the week-ends because there’s still a lot of travellers taking the train here, but during the week it’s easy to have a few minutes without a crowd.

📍Praça Almeida Garrett

🕐 10am – 3pm

Dom Luís I Bridge

The most famous bridge of Porto, and no this one wasn’t made by Eiffel (even if a lot of people make the mistake). You can obviously find some spots to take pictures with the bridge but we’ll see that later, it’s also a very good insta spot to get a view of Porto.

📍Ponte Dom Luís I

🕐 sunrise to 11am

Pergola of Foz

A spot a little outside the city center, close to the ocean. The Pergola is the perfect insta spot to come enjoy the sunset.

📍Avenida do Brasil 694

🕐 7pm for sunset

Jardins do Palacio de Cristal

Even if they took off the cristal of the palace, the garden around are a must visit. You’ll see a lot of peacocks, and a lot of high spots to take pictures with the Luis I bridge.

📍Rua de Dom Manuel II 96-120

🕐 4pm

Vila Nova de Gaia

The little city just in front of Porto where you can find a lot of Porto wine cellar and a lot of rooftop with a perfect view on Porto.

📍Kitties Rock viewpoint, close to Monastery Serra do Pilar, Rampa Infante Santo, Vila Nova de Gaia

🕐 4pm – 7pm

Se Catedral

Yeah in Porto if you’re chasing the blue tiles you have to stop at a lot of churches, and here’s another famous one. For this one you need to visit the inside to find the most perfect insta spot with the blue tiles.

📍Calçada de Vandoma

🕐 11am


Serralves is a beautiful park where you can find the museum of contemporary art and the foundation of Serralves. Between those 2 places you also have a beautiful garden that is perfect for Instagram pictures.

📍Rua de Bartolomeu Velho

🕐 11am

Logo Porto

Just like Amsterdam, Porto also has a huge logo in the city. It’s always fun to take pictures with it, so I had to add it to the list. While checking the spot for the logo, I found different places then the one I saw, so I don’t know if there’s a few in the city or if they move it. Let me know in the comment if you have the answer.

📍Praça de Carlos Alberto

🕐 11am

Vogue Café

Maybe one of the most instagrammable restaurant in Porto. The Vogue Café is very chic and decorated with a lot of Vogue covers, and my favorite part is the huge mirror. Perfect spot for all the fashionistas in town.

📍Rua Avis 10

🕐 11am or 2pm

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