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Porto is the second biggest city of Portugal and most importantly the hometown of the Porto Wine. It was such an amazing time visiting this city and I totally feel in love. There’s a lot to do and also the perfect city to just walk and get lost. But here’s my favorite things to do while in the city.


Palacio Da Bolsa

The Palacio Da Bolsa or Chamber of Commerce is a really important place to visit in Porto. You can’t visit the Palace by yourself, but the tour is worth it. You’ll learn a lot of the Portuguese culture, its history (mostly regarding Porto Wine) and the architecture. The palace is absolutely gorgeous, especially the Arabic room that is one of the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect place to visit to start discovering more about Porto.

📍Rua de Ferreira Borges 57-73, Porto

💶 Adult ticket : 10 euros 

Lello Library

The Lello Library is one of the most famous place in Porto for a lot of reason but mostly thanks to JK Rowling. It’s one of the most beautiful bookstore in the world, the architecture of the library is gorgeous, especially the staircase that is surprisingly made by concrete and not wood. The library is also very famous because it has inspired JK Rowling when she was writing Harry Potter. So if you’re passionate about literature and books, you need to visit this place. The entrance is only 5 euros, but if you want to take pictures inside go very early because this place gets REALLY crowded.

📍Rua das Carmelitas 144, Porto

💶 Entrance 5 euros 

Porto Bridge Climb

If you want to try something a little different while in Porto, I have the activity you’re looking for. The Porto Bridge Climb is by far one of my favorite thing to do. You are equipped by a harness while climbing to the “top” of the bridge (or under it). You’ll get an amazing view from the city, and a little glass of Porto at the top while enjoying the view. You’ll learn a lot of the city, and the bridge too. Perfect to see a different side of Porto.

📍Rua do Ouro 680, Porto

💶 15 euros per person 

Espaço Porto Cruz

You can’t be in Porto and not have a wine tasting. While there’s a lot of places to do wine tasting, I really recommend the Porto Cruz, the main brand, that also have a restaurant and a rooftop bar where you can enjoy the view.

📍Largo Miguel Bombarda 23, Vila Nova de Gaia

💶 Free entrance, Book for a private tour 


Champ’s Da Baixa Bistro

A little out of the city center but this might be my favorite restaurant in Porto. The decoration is just gorgeous and very chic, the food is delicious and prices are good too. We got a little surprised to see the restaurant almost empty but it was DELICIOUS. Go try the truffle fries, you’ll love it!

📍Rua de Sá da Bandeira 467, Porto

The Flaviis

This is THE PLACE for pancakes. At Flaviis you can create your own pancakes, sweet or savoury, and they just have the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever seen, and they only cost 4,50 euros!!!

📍Rua de Cedofeita 13, Porto

Zenith Brunch & Coktails

My favorite brunch in Lisbon that also has an address in Porto, so obviously I recommend this place. The place is really cute, and the brunch is incredible. They do brunch everyday, and they also have vegan option. A must try !

📍Praça de Carlos Alberto 86, Porto

Vogue Café

The Vogue Café is the new restaurant of the hotel Infante Sagres. The restaurant is super chic and decorated with Vogue covers. They have a menu for lunch for 15 euros that include a starter, a main dish and a coffee. Everything was so delicious, from the starter to the dessert. And I have to say that I’m not a sweet tooth but the cheesecake was …. WOOOOW!!!

📍Rua Avis 10, Porto

Majestic Café

This little café of the street Santa Catarina is the oldest café of Porto. It’s like going back in time, the decoration is still the same from 1921. And like a lot of places in Porto, it’s mostly made of concrete. You really have to stop at the Majestic mostly for the history, for a little cup of coffee.

📍 Rua de Santa Catarina 112, Porto


Your Opo Vintage Apartments

If you’re on a budget, this is the option for you. The hotel/apartment is very well located on Santa Catarina street, the place is very cute and clean. We stayed in for two nights and it really feels like home. They also give you a phone to call or get around the city. You have a fridge, a micro-wave, and hotplate if you want to cook.

📍Rua de Santa Catarina 832, Porto

💶 40 euros per night

Torel Avantgarde

I had a huge crush for this hotel and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a little out of the center but you can easily walk to it, and they have a gorgeous view on Porto. They have a flower wall where you can enjoy a drink, the restaurant has a little terrace to enjoy the sunset, and an outdoor pool with a gorgeous view on the city. Rooms are dedicated to an artist, we had the Nina Simone room, there’s also Joan Miro or Albert Einstein, etc.. I really loved this hotel, and they often have discount for nights.

📍Rua da Restauração 292, Porto

💶 130 euros per night 

Maison Albar

Part of the Luxury Leading Hotel of the World, Maison Albar is one of the most beautiful hotel of Porto. And it’s also very central, perfect to go around and discover the city.

📍Avenida dos Aliados 151, Porto

💶 250 euros per night 


For transportation in the city, you can easily walk everywhere, but if you need Uber cost between 2-4 euros in town.

If you also want to visit Lisbon, you can travel by train. They have more than 30 trains by day, it tooks 3 hours and only cost 30 euros. Perfect way to travel in Portugal.

Check the website for schedule : here

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