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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the most beautiful Mosque in the world. The architecture is so incredible with all the gold and marble, it’s just pure magic. It’s really a must visit when you’re in Abu Dhabi.

Here’s what you need to know about the Mosque.

  • The entrance is FREE. As a religious place, the entrance is free, but you obviously don’t have access to the prayer rooms.
  • Women need to cover their shoulders and knees. They’ll give you a niquab at the entrance for free if you don’t have one but you still need to be covered enough just for respect.
  • You’ll have to leave your shoes at the entrance, you need to go barefoot in the Mosque.
  • You have some areas to take pictures. Nobody can walk in the middle of the Mosque so even if you go there in the middle of the day you’ll be able to get a good picture. But be careful there’s some things that you normally can’t do for the pictures: girls you can’t have your hair outside the hood, and you’re not supposed to hold it in place too, or to sit. If a security guard sees you, he will make you delete the picture. That was the little bad point for me, because they are always screaming at people (and especially girls because of the hair).
  • The visit last around 30 minutes, it’s very fast.
  • You’ll have taxi outside of the Mosque to take you back in town just after, don’t worry.

If you’re staying in Dubai, you can also do a day trip to the Mosque. It’s around 2 hours drive, and a lot of taxis do the trip, so don’t worry.

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