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One of the most popular city in Europe is obviously London. I just spend a lovely week-end there and here’s my favorite places for a trip in the British capital.

Peggy Porschen

Do you I even need to tell you about this place? You saw it everywhere on Instagram, because it’s indeed the cutest tea place in London. And yes the line is quite long during the week-end so be prepared.


Becoming very famous for its cute roses wall. I didn’t had the time to go there but apparently you’re just allowed to stay 45 minutes in the cafe and the waiter makes sure you keep that in mind. I think it still worth trying and you’ll see for yourself.

Aubaine Selfriges

Aubaine has a lot of places around London but the most beautiful location is the one in Selfriges. It’s really beautiful with all the flowers inside, and the brunch isn’t too expensive, you definitely need to try this place.

The Ivy

Just like Aubaine, you can find The Ivy at different location in London, the most famous one been in Chelsea with the cute entrance with all the flowers. I tried the one at Tower Bridge, and the place is just so cute and I can’t even describe how good the food was, and the service was really nice too.


Just next to Tower Bridge, Coppa is the new trendy place. You can just eat in front of the Tamise in a little igloo facing Tower Bridge. Of course, this place is always full, like most brunch places in London, but it’s totally worth it.


One of the most famous restaurant in London for its decoration. It’s definitely a must seen in London, even the restrooms are amazing.

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

When in London you need to have an afternoon tea! I had the chance to try the bus tour of B-Bakery and it was so nice. The bus is giving you a tour of the city while drinking tea or coffee, and eating some delicious sandwiches and cupcakes! And they also have a vegan tour.

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London Eye

I personally have an obsession with Ferris wheel so I had to start my list with this one. One of the most iconic thing in London (since we don’t have Big Ben for now). And it’s also very beautiful at night with the red light. And if you think that London Eye is illuminated in red because it’s the color of London, well you’re wrong. It’s because the attraction is sponsored by Coca Cola, yes it’s them again.

Camdem Market

One of the best market in London, you’ll find the best street food and some amazing vintage shops. It’s the most rock n’ roll neighborhood of London, it’s always so nice to walk around and get lost in Camden.

Notting Hill

All those colorful houses are just too cute not to fall in love. It became very famous with the movie Notting Hill and I totally see why, this neighborhood is just so charming, even under the rain.

Abbey Road

I personally really like this part of London. If you don’t know this street, it’s the shot where the Beatles were crossing the street. Kinda like a blogger but way ahead of time!

Piccadilly Circus

It’s literally a tiny Time Square, but it’s so lovely to just walk around. The light are so impressive and it’s at the beginning of Regent Street one of the most famous street of London for shopping (with Oxford Street).

Tate Modern

The famous museum is just in front of St Paul Cathedral and has a free entrance. A little plus is that you can climb to the 10th floor and enjoy the view of all London.


Marriott County Hall

This hotel is in one of the oldest building of London, and it’s just in front of the London Eye. The view is just amazing, you can also see Big Ben but you’ll have to wait for 2021 to really see him. I was so amazed by the beauty of this hotel and the staff was just the nicest I’ve ever seen. It was a pleasure to stay at this hotel, really. The restaurant and the bar also have a view of the London Eye if you want to try it.

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Let me know you favorite spot in London, I’d love to discover more for my next trip.

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